Forthcoming Performances
by Lawrence Casserley

Last changed 25 September, 2017

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Forthcoming Events for 2017

2 February Oxford Improvisers The Albion Beatnik bookshop, Walton Street.
3 March "Murmurists" at HOME, Manchester
11 March Magliocchi/Okamoto/Northover Trio at The White House, Abingdon Road, Oxford plus Oxford Improvisers
19 March Trio with Kay Grant and Marcio Mattos at Mopomoso, The Vortex, London
30 April Concert at Iklectik, London - featuring "HyperYak" and "Trionys"
1 May Concert at The White House, Abingdon Road, Oxford - featuring "Trionys" plus Oxford Improvisers
7 May Concert at Iklectik, London - I will be a guest soloist with London Improvisers Orchestra
13/14 May Clockstop Festival in Fasano, Puglia, Italy
27 May to 4 June Colourscape at Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire
15/16 July Colourscape at Buckfastleigh, Devon
23 July Concert at Iklectik, London featuring "Far Rainbow" and launching a new trio "Electro-Phonic Art Trio" with Philipp Wachsmann, Trevor Taylor and myself.
29/30 July Colourscape at Wakefield, West Yorkshire
26 to 28 August Stroud Colourscape Festival - Stroud, Gloucestershire
Includes International Flute Day on Mon, 28 Aug
16 to 24 September Colourscape Music Festival on Clapham Common, London
Includes - Sun, 17 Sep - Casserley/Hug/Wassermann Trio, Hans-Karsten Raecke and Alan Tomlinson, who will play the premiere of my "76" for trombone and electronic processing.
Sat, 23 Sep - International Flute Day with Clive Bell, Kristiina Ilmonen, Julian Elvira and Simon Desorgher, with computer transformations by Lawrence Casserley and David Stevens
18 September Hans-Karsten Raecke, Rasmus Raecke, Jane Zahn, Simon Desorgher and Lawrence Casserley at Iklectik, London
20 September Electro-Phonic Art Trio at FMR Records Festival at The Vortex, London
26 to 30 September Concerts and recording in UK with Viv Corringham, Yoko Miura and Audrey Lauro
Tue, 26 Sep - 8pm at Iklectik, London
Wed, 27 Sep - Recording at Piggotts, Buckinghamshire
Thu, 28 Sep - 7pm at Ulverston Parish Church, Church Walk, Ulverston
Fri, 29 Sep - 8pm at Mick Beck's OVER THE TOP, 78 Kingfield Road, Sheffield
Sat, 30 Sep - 7:45pm at St Columba's Church, Alfred Street, Oxford
12 November Concert at 100 Years Gallery, London featuring trio of Paul Obermayer, Martin Hackett and Lawrence Casserley - plus Daniel James Ross and Suso Flores duo
22 to 28 Nov Tour in Berlin area with Alison Blunt and Hannah Marshall, includes:
Wed, 22 Nov - Club der Polnischen Versager, with Harri Sjöström
Thu, 23 Nov - Musik Brennerei, Rheinsberg, with Hans-Karsten Raecke
Sat, 25 Nov - Kühlspot Berlin
Sun, 26 Nov - Toolbox Gallery, with Harri Sjöström
Tue, 28 Nov - Alte Waschhaus, Potsdam, with Uli Miller
5 Dec Concert at Royal College of Music, London celebrating 50 years of teaching Electronic Music at the RCM. (I was one of the first students on the course taught by Tristram Cary in 1967.)
10 Dec Concert at 100 Years Gallery, London featuring duo of Shaun Blezard and Charlie Collins - plus trio of Pete McPhail, Bruno Guastalla and Lawrence Casserley