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Last changed 30 August, 2017

30 August, 2017

A bunch of concerts in September, starting with the Colourscape Music Festival on Clapham Common from 16 to 24 September. I will be playing twice; on Sun, 17 I will appear in a trio with Chalotte Hug and Ute Wassermann, along with Hans-Karsten Raecke and Alan Tomlinson. This day will also feature the premiere of my new piece for Alan - a complex multi-tapped delay line will create 76 Alans parading around Colourscape.
Two concerts that week; Monday, 18 at Iklectik with Hans-Karsten and others, then the Electro-Phonic Art Trio (Philipp Wachsmann, Trevor Taylor and myself) will be at the Vortex on Wednesday, 20.
Back in Colourscape the following Saturday, 23 doing some live processing on the International Flute Day.
Immediately after that I have a short tour with a wonderful quartet, with Viv Corringham, Audrey Lauro and Yoko Miura - see the Diary page for details.
Later in the autumn I have two concerts at the 100 Years Gallery in London, a tour in the Berlin area with Hannah Marshall and Alison Blunt, and a concert at the Royal College of Music, London to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Electronic Music Studio. I was one of the first students in 1967! Once again all details on the Diary page.

25 July, 2017

The CD I recorded with Viv Corringham, "Anemoi" in 2014 is finally out on FMR Records. We are very pleased with the result, and the design of the CD is lovely. Many thanks to Trevor Taylor and his designer for doing such a lovely job. Also huge thanks to Matt Saunders for a beautiful job of recording and preparing the CD.
I just played the premiere performance of the Electro-Phonic Art Trio, Philipp Wachsmann, Trevor Taylor and myself, at Iklectik in London. We have a CD, "Through the Rings of Saturn" coming out on FMR soon -
It really is just like busses! Another CD, "Live at Club der Polnischer Versager", recorded last year in Berlin by the quartet of Harri Sjöström, Jeffrey Morgan, DJ Illvibe and myself is due out any moment now on Unisono Records -

7 March, 2017

After a really hectic end to 2016, this year is starting off more quietly. In January and February there were one or two concerts with Oxford Improvisers, then on 3 March I travelled to Manchester for a great gig with "Murmurists" at HOME.
The big news is that my new CD with Jeffrey Morgan "Exoplanets" was released on the Creative Sources label in January. The new CD with Viv Corringham "Anemoi" is still awaiting a release date.
Coming up in March is another concert in Oxford with Oxford Improvisers and special guests Marcello Magliocchi, Maresuke Okamoto and Adrian Northover on 11 March; then an appearance with the trio with Kay Grant and Marcio Mattos at Mopomoso at the Vortex on 19 March.
In April the first of my London concert series at Iklectik will feature "HyperYak" and "Far Rainbow". I so enjoyed my 75th birthday series last year that I decided to do some more! "HyperYak", with old friends Michael Ormiston, Jeff Higley and Simon Desorgher haven't played together for a while, so it will be great to have the old team back together. The next concert in the series will be on 23 July - details to be announced soon.
In May I will be at the Clockstop Festival in southern Italy again, and May through July will see Colourscape events at Waddesdon Manor, Buckfastleigh and Wakefield.

20 September, 2016

Just confirmed that I will travel to Bari again in December for a concert and a seminar at the University. More details soon.
Meanwhile The Exchange in Bristol is closing for refurbishment, so the engagement for 22 October is now postponed.

14 September, 2016

I have only just realised that my last entry was more than six months ago! There has been so much going on that I hardly noticed the time!!!

The biggest news is that my 75th birthday celebrations are going very well. The first two concerts in the series "LC75 - Collaborations" took place at the 100 Years Gallery in London.
The first in June, "Two Trios 1", featured my trios with Noel Taylor and Guillaume Viltard, and with Philipp Wachsmann and Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg.
The second in July, "Trio + Solo", included a solo set by myself and the "Granularities" trio with Gianni Mimmo and Martin Mayes.
The third concert, "Two Trios 2" will be at Iklectik in London on 23 October at 4pm and will feature trios with Kay Grant and Marcio Mattos, and with Evan Parker and John Russell. There will be two more concerts at Iklectik in November.
Meanwhile, I have played at the Noci Festival in May, with Murmurists in July and Fete Quaqua in August, as well as several Colourscape performances. My actual birthday took place quietly in August!
Later this month I will return to Potsdam for a recording session and concert with Hunnewapp after more Colourscape shows.
In October my Bass Flute and Electronics piece "The Monk's Prayer" will be played by Simon Desorgher and I at St Cyprian's, London on 21 October. Then on 22 October I am with Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg and Phil Gibbs in Bristol, and on 23 October at Iklectik for the concert outlined above. Lots of stuff in November/December - more details soon.
Two more CDs - a duo with Viv Corringham "Anemoi", and a duo with Jeffrey Morgan "Exoplanets" - are now finished and ready for production - no release dates yet - more info soon.

2 March, 2016

A gentle, but really cracking start to my 75th birthday year!!!

The release of the Granularities CD already has a good review (in Italian) here. Now it is followed by the release of "Garuda", a duo of Philipp Wachsmann and myself on Bead Records.
In February, a concert with Murmurists in London was followed by a short tour in Germany and Belgium. First I played a great recording session with my old friend Jeffrey Morgan in Köln. This will add to material already recorded in a concert at the Loft in 2014, and we hope will form a new release soon - we will be mixing and editing on my return to Köln in April. Then I was in Brussels for two wonderful concerts in Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg's "Objectif Noise" festival.
Next is a quieter time (very useful as we have a construction project at home!), but I will be welcoming Noel Taylor and Guillaume Viltard to Oxford Improvisers on 15 March. Then April starts with a concert in Diss, Norfolk to mark the opening of a new exhibition about Tristram Cary's work - Simon Desorgher and I will play his "Narcissus".
Then at the end of April I will be in the Berlin/Potsdam area with Geoffrey Morgan, Harri Sjöström, Uli Miller and others.
Lots more coming in May, June and beyond - including a special series of concerts for my 75th - some details on the Diary page and lots more soon!

7 January, 2016

The new CD from the trio Granularities is now OUT on Amirani Records (AMRN045) and should shortly be listed on their website. This is a collaboration with the wonderful Gianni Mimmo (soprano saxophone) and Martin Mayes (horns) recorded at my old house "Chiltern Cottage" a few years ago. There are more wonders in the pipeline SOON!!
I am updating the Diary page with new events for my 75th Birthday Year!
Meanwhile, two exciting videos have been posted. The first is by my friend Italian cellist Nicola Baroni. This is based on three separate performances of "Sette Pagine su l'Enigma del Bianco" for one, two and three cellos with members of his wonderful group the Bologna Cello Project.
The second is an extensive interview with me by James Opstad of London electro-instrumental group duck-rabbit. This was recorded at my studio in Oxford, and features some short performances by James, Joe Wright and myself.
I have included links to these and one or two other recentish things on the "Audio/Video" page.

For details of all these events please check the Diary page - tab on left.