Lawrence Casserley, Composer

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Lawrence Casserley's work as a composer has focused primarily on the use of electroacoustic means in performance. Early work from the 60s is all instrumental, but from 1969 his work is almost entirely electroacoustic. Increasingly this work has involved the use of computers, and in the 90s his work has been based around the IRCAM Signal Processing Workstation, and subsequently MAX/msp on MacIntosh computers.

He has worked frequently with mixed media, music theatre and new instruments, particularly with the groups Hydra, and Peter Donebauer's VAMP in the 70s, Electric Tubes and Electroacoustic Cabaret in the 80s and the Colourscape Music Festivals since the 90s.

Apart from pre-composed work he has made extensive use of improvisation. He is, perhaps best known for his improvised performances and CDs with musicians such as Evan Parker, Barry Guy and Paul Lytton, and his work with the Evan Parker Electroacoustic Ensemble.


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Principal Compositions


1964 - 1967;

Orchestral Studies


7 Pieces for 14 Players (Fl, Ob, Cl, Bn, Hn, Tp, Tb, 2 Perc, St 5tet)

12 Pieces for Piano


Mixtures and Interludes (small ensemble) Published by Edition HH


Fanfares for the Manifestation to the Gentiles (Organ, 3 Tpts)

Exultation for the Expulsion from Eden (Organ)


The Final Desolation of Solitude (Tape - RCM Studio)

Solos, Commentaries and Integrations (Cl, Perc, Tape, Live El)


Transformations I (Tape - RCM Studio)

Transformations II (Piano and Live El)


Missa Spiriti Sancti - Format I (Sop, Mezzo, 2 Perc, Tape)


Kyries and Alleluias I (Organ, Harpsichord, Tape)

Dodman Point (Live el and Light) in collaboration with Eddie Franklin-White

Kyries and Alleluias II (Fl, Vn, Piano, Tape)

Duolith (Tapes - RCM and Goldsmiths studios)


15 Shakespeare Kaku (Tape - Goldsmiths and SMS studios) collaboration with Bob Cobbing


Hydrangea (2 voices, 2 instruments, Live El and Light) text by Bob Cobbing

1974 - 7;

Eclipse - comprising:

Kyries and Alleluias IV (16 instruments and Live El)

Transformations IV (Tape - SMS studio)

Aura (Music for Computer and Light)


Hydraphone - West German Radio commission in collaboration with other Hydra composers


Transformations III (Fl, Live El) Nothern Arts commission

Vista Clara (Piano, Live El)


Missa Spiriti Sancti - Format II (Sop, Mezzo, 3 Perc, Ob, Cl, Tp, Vla, Piano, Tapes, Live El)


PanDemonic (Giant Panpipes and Live El) in collaboration with Simon Desorgher


PanHarmonic (Live Computer Music)


The Unending Rose (Music Theatre for Fl, Tb, Perc, Mime Artists and Live El)


Labyrinth (Music Theatre for Fl, Voice, Mime, Dance and Live El in Colourscape) commissioned by South Bank Centre with Arts Council funds

The Monk's Prayer (Bass Fl, Live El)


Los Hijos del Sol (Voice, PanDrums, Live El)


Ritual Dances (3 Perc, Ob, Cl, Tp, Vla, Piano, Tapes, Live El


Siwrnai, Odyssey of Light (Instruments, Voices, Mime and ISPW in Colourscape) in collaboration with Simon Desorgher and Ian Cameron


UbAtAbU (Tuba, ISPW)


The Garden of Forking Paths (Guitar, ISPW)






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