Lawrence Casserley - Adam Linson Duo

Some responses to our CD "Integument" psi 09.03

"The buzzing intensity this duo creates is just the ticket, making for a disk of mostly rough edges and very little complacency or dawdling.

"On Wandering Leukocytes the moaning arco and Casserley's spectral sounds merge compellingly, as close to mirror images as they've gotten to this point. There's a passage of stark and mournful bass, freed from processing, some vocal shushing from Casserley, and some sonic deep diving. It's all over the map in the best way."

Jason Bivins - Signal to Noise

Lawrence Casserley - Signal Processing Instrument, Voice; Adam Linson - Double Bass, Live Processing and Sampling

"The twosome engages in a free-form dialogue, where Casserley's signal processing sounds like shards of metal spewing across the studio. Then Linson heightens the intensity due to his soaring arco bass phrasings that seem to extract notions of loneliness and isolation; vivid imagery is inherent within the preponderance of these pieces.

"It's an entrancing effort that stands out in radiant colours among similar undertakings of this ilk."

Glenn Astarita - All About Jazz

to see a video of part of our performance at Mopomoso at the Vortex, London as part of the 2009 London Jazz Festival click here.

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