"Mouthwind" is a project inaugurated by the wonderful Belgian vocalist Jean-Michel van Schouwburg.

Our duo CD "MouthWind" was released by HEyeMEarS Discorbie in 2011. For a review click here.

In May, 2007 I performed with Jean-Michel and trombonist Paul Hubweber in the Ecole des Arts of Braine l'Alleud near Brussels.

On 12 December 2009 I was again involved in this project in a performance at le Brass in Brussels.

The other performers were:

Jacques Foschia bassclarinet - Marjolaine Charbin piano - Adelheid Sieuw flutes - Jean Michel Van Schouwburg voice.

Further performances in duo and expanded versions include:

Duo at mopomoso, The Vortex, London (2010) - Duo in Ostrava and Opava, Czech Republic (2010) - Trio with Marjolaine Charbin at my 70th birthday celebration, London (2011) - Trio with Philipp Wachsmann at St Leonard's, Shoreditch, London (2012) - Quartet with Philipp Wachsmann and Mick Beck, Brussels (2013).

There is a video, which can be found by clicking the "Audio/Video" tab to the left of the main page.