Music of the Spheres

by Simon Desorgher

Earth - Air - Fire - Water

A spectacular event for a stretch of water near you!

A gigantic sphere, the size of a small house, is floating on a lake or river - a flautist suspended in the centre is playing unearthly music - the sound is sent via radio to a complex computer system on the shore - the sound is processed to become an orchestra of flutes and relayed to the audience via many loudspeakers.

This is 'Music of the Spheres'!

A fitting prelude to this spectacular event is

Electric Tubes

Music for the world's largest set of panpipes, designed and built by composer/performers Lawrence Casserley and Simon Desorgher. The y comprise about 140 blown and struck pipes, whose sound is processed by Lawrence Casserley's computer system. The programme can include:


Casserley and Desorgher's showpiece for the giant panpipes, featuring all the pipes and elaborate computer processing.

Los Hijos del Sol

Lawrence Casserley's dramatic tribute to the people of Peru, featuring the drum section of the pipes and voice.

El Aliento del Océano Pacifico - Los Tamburos de la Vida

Coro de los Desaparecidos - Los Tamburos de los Muertos

Lawrence Casserley performing the premiere of 'Los Hijos del Sol' at

14os Encontros Gulbenkian de Musíca Contempoanéa, Lisbon

Surrounding these performances, an exciting kaleidoscope of aural and visual events can be arranged.


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