Lawrence Casserley

Installation Artist 
Computer Musician

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"Lawrence has also been doing all this wonderful work with Evan [Parker] as well, and I've been listening to it for a long time. One thing that's important about this kind of work is that it doesn't obscure who the individual is, like a lot of work around right now. Lawrence likes the idea of these virtual personalities that emerge and get placed in conflict and contestation. I think it's very exciting." George E Lewis - Interviewed in The Wire - Issue 288.

" ...o certo é que Lawrence Casserley consegue ser mais inovador e criativo do que muitos dos chefes de fila da jovem geração de 'laptopers'." - "...the certainty is that Lawrence Casserley can be more innovative and creative than many of the ringleaders of the young generation of 'laptoppers'." Rui Eduardo Paes

"With Casserley's arrival, the internal dynamics of the band changed completely. Lawrence redesigned the electronic rig for the Parker band, and on 'Drawn Inward', it was possible for any of the processing musicians - up to four of them at a given moment - to take sound from any other player at any time. The whole 'machine of the group', as Wachsmann called it, accelerated. Everything was more manoeuverable, and also more complicated. And no one was faster than Casserley, drumming on the pads of his Signal Processing Workstation like a scientific congalero, on his way to becoming a bona fide soloist inside the ensemble.". Steve Lake discussing the Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble