Electric Tubes

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The Largest Panpipes in the World


The Tube Sound Environment go inside a giant flute to hear music rolling through it!


Lawrence Casserley - Voice, Monoharps, Signal Processing Instrument

Simon Desorgher - Flutes


Simon Desorgher - Flutes, Giant Panpipes

Lawrence Casserley - Giant Panpercussion, Live Computer Processing



Lawrence Casserley - PanHarmonic

As the audience enter the computer creates a music of harmonics and space around them. Human performers enter and gradually take control of the music. An introduction to the harmonic world of the giant panpipes.

Simon Desorgher - Music of the Spheres

Lawrence Casserley - The Monk's Prayer

A monk kneels at a prayer desk playing a long prayer on a bass flute. Gradually it spreads like ripples over water.

Casserley/Desorgher - Improvisation for Flutes and Signal Processing Instrument

Desorgher/Casserley - PanDemonic

The rich spectrum of the giant panpipes is processed by computer to create an exciting and varied palette of sounds. The performers can draw on these at will, sometimes capturing and playing each others' sounds, sometimes playing together in harmony, sometimes in violent opposition.

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