Lawrence Casserley - Improviser

Last changed 10 March, 2000

Improvisation has always been present in Casserley's work, from his early student experiments on organ, piano or percussion to his latest work with real time computer processing. Key events along the way are:


Los Inchaukrästis No 1 - Percussion solo, improvised within a defined structural outline.

1970 onwards

Work with the RCM Experimental Music Group


Dodman Point - Live electronics and light.

1972 onwards


Work with sound poets


Hydrangea - Voices, Instruments and Light


Tube Sculpture - Giant PanPipes

1985 onwards

Work with Electroacoustic Cabaret

1989 onwards

Collaborative work in Colourscape


Lip Lap Lop Lup - live processing - 1994 Colourscape Music Festival


Barry Guy's "Gaia" - LJCO - 1995 Colourscape Music Festival

1995 onwards

Development of Signal Processing Instrument


Work at STEIM, Amsterdam and BEC, Bonn; Performances with Barry Guy, Alan Tomlinson, Vanessa Mackness, Simon Desorgher and Johannes Bergmark


Project, 'The Emancipation of the Technology' at STEIM

Performances and Recordings with Evan Parker, Barry Guy, Rainer Bürck, Roland Graeter, Richard Durrant, Simon Desorgher, Noel Akchoté, Joel Ryan

CD - 'Solar Wind' with Evan Parker


Performances with Evan Parker, John Palmer, Melvyn Poore, Paul Lytton, Electro-Acoustic Ensemble


Performances with Evan Parker, Melvyn Poore, Paul Lytton, Carol Morgan, Simon Desorgher, Alan Tomlinson, Agusti Fernandez, Joel Ryan, Electro-Acoustic Ensemble

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