Lawrence Casserley, Performer

Last changed 19 March, 2007

Lawrence Casserley studied Percussion, Conducting, Flute, Organ and Piano, as well as Composition, at the Chicago Musical College. As a post-graduate student at the Royal College of Music in London, he continued studies in Conducting and Percussion. While his subsequent performance work has focussed primarily on electroacoustic performance, his Conducting and Percussion experience have continued to play a role. He has been particularly associated with improvised music, music theatre and intermedia, through his work with the groups 'Hydra', 'Tube Sculpture' and 'Electroacoustic Cabaret'. His current work with improvisers such as Evan Parker, Barry Guy, Rainer Bürck, Roland Graeter and Melvyn Poore uses his computer processing and percussion experience. He also uses vocal material and instruments of his own invention.


Electroacoustic Performance Highlights



First Electroacoustic Concerts at Royal College of Music, London, UK

1970 - 1972;

Multi-Media Concerts at ILEA Cockpit Arts Centre, London, UK

1970 - 1990;

Close association with the Improvisation Group, later called the Experimental Music Group, directed by John Lambert at the RCM


UK Premiere of Stockhausen "Mixtur" at RCM


Performances at ICES 72 Festival, Roundhouse, London, UK

Founded Hydra Multi-Media Ensemble, in collaboration with Eddie Franklin-White

1972 onwards;

Performances with Sound Poets, principally Bob Cobbing

Performances with Hydra


'The 70s Meet the 20s', Goethe Institute, London

- concerts and workshops with Gruupe Oeldorf, Köln and Hydra, London


UK premiere of Stockhausen "Trans" at RCM

Directed performance of Stockhausen "Mikrophonie I" at RCM


Created electronic processing system for John Lambert "Waves" with Redcliffe Ensemble

1980 onwards;

Flute and Electronics concerts with Simon Desorgher


Created electronic processing system for John Lambert "Time and Tides" with London Sinfonietta


Created electronic processing system for Edwin Roxburgh's "Saturn" - RCM Orchestra


Founded Nettlefold Festival, West Norwood, London, UK with Simon Desorgher

1984 onwards;

Tube Sculpture concerts featuring "World's Largest" Panpipes

- designed and built by Simon Desorgher and Lawrence Casserley

1985 onwards;

Electroacoustic Cabaret performances


Performances at 'Festival Horizontes', Punta Negra, Peru


'Sounds Unusual' festival on the South Bank, London - a new set of Giant Panpipes was built and played for the first time at this festival

RCM Electronic Studio 20th Anniversary concert

- Conducted Barry Anderson "Arc"

- and UK premiere of Halffter "Variations on the Resonance of a Cry"

- concert also included World Premiere of Stephen Montague "Sound Round"


Nettlefold Festival moves to Clapham Common, South London

and takes place entirely within the Colourscape inflatable sculpture

Electroacoustic Cabaret at Stockholm Festival of Electronic Music

1989 onwards;

Music in Colourscape performances


Music in Colourscape at 14os Encontros Gulbenkian de Musíca Contempoanéa, Lisbon


Electroacoustic Cabaret at Aarhus Festival

Electroacoustic Cabaret and Music in Colourscape at Welsh Garden Festival, Ebbw Vale

Created electronic processing system for John Lambert "Accents" with RCM 20th Century Ensemble


George Benjamin "Antara" with London Sinfonietta

1993 - 1995;

Development of new Colourscape Performance Sculpture for the Nettlefold Festival Trust,

funded by Foundation for Sport and the Arts and the National Lottery


Concerts with contemporary tubist Melvyn Poore

Computer processing for Barry Guy "Gaia" with LJCO at Colourscape Music Festival


Work at STEIM, Amsterdam and BEC, Bonn

Tube Sculpture tour of Spain

Performances with Bärbel Nolden at BEC, Bonn


Project at STEIM, Amsterdam, 'The Emancipation of the Technology', working on

development of the Signal Processing Instrument for improvisation.

Performances with Evan Parker, Barry Guy, Simon Desorgher, Richard Durrant, Roland Graeter and Rainer Bürck in Delft, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Connecticut College, Brighton, London, Mannheim, Dresden and Paris

Release of CD "Solar Wind" with Evan Parker on Touch (TO:35)


Performances with Evan Parker in Germany and UK

Sonic Arts Network Conference, Birmingham with John Palmer

February; Soundart Festival, London; Digital realisation of Ferneyhough "Time and Motion Study II'

with John Palmer and Neil Heyde, Cello

March; 'Making New Waves' Contemporary British Music Days - Budapest, Hungary -

Lecture, Workshops and performances with Melvyn Poore and Paul Lytton

LUSTfest - Institute for Contemporary Arts, London, including internet link performance with musicians in Nice.

April; Release of CD "Live at Les Instants Chavires" with Evan Parker, Noel Akchoté and Joel Ryan on LEO Records (CD LR 255)

April/May; Tour of Germany and Austria with Melvyn Poore

May to August - 'Tube' and 'Bubble' performances in southern UK

August to October - Colourscape Music Festivals in York, Clapham and Fenland

November - New quartet with Melvyn Poore, Peter Cusack and Nicolas Collins performs in Ulrichsberg, Austria

December - UK Tour with the Evan Parker Electro-acoustic Ensemble


Performances in York, Frankfurt, Fenland; London; Vienna, Brighton, Barcelona, Valencia, Cambridge;

CDs - "Al-Jabr", "Music of the Spheres", "Drawn Inward", "Labyrinths" released


Installation "Rainbow Realm" with Peter Jones at Liverpool Museum

Performances in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Liverpool, Glasgow, York, Fenland and London

Tour of Japan with Evan Parker, Paul Lytton and Joel Ryan

Founding of group HyperYak with Michael Ormiston, Jeff Higley and Simon Desorgher


Installation "Chromatic Harmony" with Peter Jones at "Fabulous Sound Machines" exhibition in York

Performances in Spain, Liverpool, York, Fenland and London

CD "Dividuality" with Evan Parker and Barry Guy released on Maya Records

Installation opens at New Lanark World Heritage Site, Scotland, in collaboration with Peter Jones


"Fabulous Sound Machines" exhibitions in Croydon and Kaiserslautern

Performances in Turkey, Norway, France and UK - including Evan Parker Electroacoustic Ensemble at Ultima Festival and Huddersfield Festival

Solo CD "The Edge of Chaos" and HyperYak CD "Angelic Weaponry" released by Sargasso

2003; Spring Tour - performances in Brussels, Vienna, Klosterneuburg, Ulrichsberg, Kirchheim, St Augustin and Köln

"Fabulous Sound Machines" exhibition in Lisburn, NI

Colourscape in Newbury, London, Liverpool and York

Performances in London, Cardiff, Sao Paulo, Biel/Bienne

Evan Parker Electroacoustic Ensemble in Rovereto and Donaueschingen

Autumn tour with dancer Sebastian Prantl in Saarbrücken, Köln and Münster

Electroacoustic Ensemble CD "Memory/Vision" released by ECM

2004; Evan Parker Electroacoustic Ensemble in Barcelona and Porto

"Fabulous Sound Machines" exhibitions in Sheffield and Gloucester

Colourscape in Newbury, London, Liverpool and York

Other performances in Sheffield, Brighton, Glasgow and London

2005; Colourscape, ColourDome and "Bubble" shows in Redditch, Newmarket, Liverpool, Exeter, London, Rotherham, Carlisle and York

"Fabulous Sound Machines" exhibition in Carlisle

Other performances in London, Brighton and Cardiff

CDs "Iskra3" (psi) and "The Eleventh Hour" (ECM) released

2006; Carnival of e-Creativity, Delhi - duo with Indian singer Aparna Panshikar

Performances in Münsingen, Stuttgart, London, Kortrijk and Trossingen

Colourscape and ColourDome performances in London, Rotherham, Köln, Croydon, Exeter, Bideford and Carlisle

"Fabulous Sound Machines" exhibition in Scarborough