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Last changed 29 March, 2024


Scatter Archive

Recorded in Lawrence's studio September, 2017 and in Concert at The Warehouse, London November, 2021

2 Tracks - 13'38" and 15'19"

Released March, 2024

Alan Tomlinson, alto and tenor trombones, various mutes - Lawrence Casserley, live processing

76 - 2017 version, 76 - 2021 version

Alan Tomlinson performs Lawrence Casserley's graphic score "76" with the composer live processing

Dedicated to Alan Tomlinson, 7 November, 1947 - 13 February, 2024

Recorded and mixed by Lawrence Casserley

Mastered by Olaf Rupp
Scatter Archive

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Creative Sources

Recorded in Concert at Petersburg Art Space, Berlin - 9 March, 2022

2 Tracks - 24'01" plus 12'37"

Released March, 2024

Harri Sjöström, Floros Floridis, Guilherme Rodrigues, Lawrence Casserley

Field 1, Field 2

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lawrence Casserley
Creative Sources Recordings

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Frogs & Princes

Musical Eschatology


Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 - Recorded 1 May, 2010

Track 5 - Recorded in concert, 8 October, 2015

6 Tracks - 40'44"

Released March, 2024

Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg, voice - Lawrence Casserley, Signal Processing Instrument

Chura, Żaby, Rainette Verte, Qúrbághih, King & Queen, Kawazu

Recorded, mixed and edited by Lawrence Casserley
Musical Eschatology

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Soundscape Festival #3

Fundacja Sluchaj

Fourteen Musicians in Munich, 2021

Recorded in Concert at Schwere Reiter - 1 and 2 October, 2021

2 CDs - 14 Tracks - 78'08" plus 74'05"

Released April, 2022

Matthias Bauer, Lawrence Casserley, Floros Floridis, Emilio Gordoa, Steve Heather, Wilbert De Joode, Kalle Kalima, Veli Kujala, Libero Mureddu, Dag Magnus Narvesen, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Harri Sjöström, Sebastiano Tramontana, Philipp Washsmann

SoundScapes - Opening Night, The Player is #1 - The Player is #12, SoundScapes - Silence to Sound

Recorded by Bayerische Rundfunk
Fundacja Sluchaj

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Oxford 2015


Sverdrup Balance

Recorded in concert at St Columba's Church, Oxford on 11 October, 2015

2 Tracks - 33'47"

Released January, 2022

Yoko Miura, Piano, Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg, Voice, Lawrence Casserley, Signal Processing Instrument

Oxford [part 1], Oxford [part 2]

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Concert in Iwaki

Uchimizu 02

Evan Parker Electroacoustic Quartet

Recorded on tour in Japan live at Iwaki City Art Museum, Fukushima, 5 October 2000

3 Tracks - 69'54"

Released July, 2021

Evan Parker - Soprano Saxophone, Paul Lytton - Percussion, Live electronics, Joel Ryan - Computer Music Instruments, Lawrence Casserley - Signal Processing Instrument

ichi, ni, san

Cover art: Lee Ufan 'From Line' 1980 - Iwaki City Art Museum

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FMR - CDR595-0920

Sverdrup Balance - Yoko Miura, Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg, Lawrence Casserley

Recorded on tour in London, Leuven and Genova, October/November 2019

8 Tracks - 58'12"

Released December, 2020

Yoko Miura - Piano, Melodion; Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg - Voice; Lawrence Casserley - Signal Processing Instrument

Archetype, Arcadia, Archangel, Arcolai, Archipelago, Arc en Ciel, Arcana, Arcturus


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Isla Deceptión

Setola di Maiale - SM3970

Sverdrup Balance - Yoko Miura, Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg, Lawrence Casserley

Recorded in studio and concert in Brussels by Michel Rutsaert, 2018

9 Tracks - 58'22"

Released October, 2019

Yoko Miura - Piano; Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg - Voice; Lawrence Casserley - Signal Processing Instrument

Neptune's Bellows, Fumarole Bay, Sewing-Machine Needles Islands, Cathedral Crags, Pendulum Cove, Ice Cliffs from Baily Head to Macaroni Point, Stonethrow Ridge, Telefon Bay, Mount Uritorco

"SUBLIME MEDITATIVE MUSIC! SUBLIME VOICE and SUBLIME TRIO! What unity, what atmosphere, what diversity of abstract and melodic and instant composition! I'm really blown away: all the pieces are perfectly beautiful and the creativity is constant..." - Kris Vanderstraten

Setola di Maiale

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Through the Rings of Saturn

FMR Records - CD540-1018

Electro-Phonic Art Trio - Philipp Wachsmann, Trevor Taylor, Lawrence Casserley

Recorded at Visconti Studios and Iklectik, 2017

5 Tracks - 70'17"

Released June, 2019

Philipp Wachsmann - Violin; Trevor Taylor - Percussion, Electronics; Lawrence Casserley - Percussion, Signal Processing Instrument

Pandora, Pan, Prometheus, Daphnis, Atlas

A new trio with a unique sound explore the outer reaches of improvisation.
FMR Records

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On the Validity of Tractors

FMR Records - CD515-1018

Valid Tractor - Pat Thomas, Dominic Lash, Lawrence Casserley

Recorded in the Singing Barn at Piggots, Buckinghamshire - 3 July, 2013

10 Tracks - 51'14"

Released December, 2018

Pat Thomas - Piano, Electronics; Dominic Lash - Double Bass; Lawrence Casserley - Signal Processing Instrument

Kubota, McCormick, Claas, Mahindra, Kioti, Sonalika, Eicher, Yanmar, Agco, Jinma

"Classy, angular, dense, powerful, intense piano - vibrant, subtle, assiduous, lively double bass - polymorphic, metamorphosing, consistent, ethereal, unpredictable live signal processing... A great many mutating forms are imagined and set in motion, with great success as far as the listener's interest is concerned... Barely stable equilibria sit among forces of attraction and repulsion that continuously readjust themselves, gradually validating the choices of each musician as the music proceeds." Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg - Orynx-improv-andsounds.
FMR Records

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Live at Club der Polnischen Versager, Berlin 2016

Unisono Records - 274358

Lawrence Casserley, DJ Illvibe, Jeffrey Morgan and Harri Sjöström

Recorded at live at Club der Polnischen Versager, Berlin on 28 April 2016 - sound engineering and mastering by Patrick Romer, Unisono Studio, Berlin

2 Tracks - 55'45"

Released August, 2017

Lawrence Casserley - Signal Processing Instrument; DJ Illvibe - Turntables; Jeffrey Morgan - Alto Clarinet; Harri Sjöström - Soprano and Sopranino Saxophones, Selected Mutes

Onklaguta, Gutaonkla

Lawrence Casserley- DJ Illvibe- Jeffrey Morgan- Harri Sjöström- four distinct musical personalities, coming from four different countries, finding themselves together on stage in a quartet formation for the first time, and the results of their performance are documented here. The line up is exquisite - delightful what occurs in the extraordinary instrumental combination, but also in the potential of the players and the resulting tension - utilizing different genres of sonic language - constantly shifting focus between moods and soundscapes - the large arcs being developed require deep intuitive understanding of form and dynamics, which for these players is highly developed.

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FMR Records - FMRCD450

Viv Corringham and Lawrence Casserley

Recorded at Piggotts, Buckinghamshire, 14 April, 2014. Recorded, mixed, edited and mastered by Matt Saunders - recordingthing

8 Tracks - 61'08"

Released July, 2017

Viv Corringham - Voice; Lawrence Casserley - Signal Processing Instrument

Argestes, Waziya, Caicias, E-yan-do-ne, Eurus, Okaga, Lips, E-bangishimog

In ancient Greek myth, the Anemoi were wind gods who were associated with various seasons and weather conditions. We have named our tracks after winds from other cultures as well as the Greek. They form a compass rose of winds from around the world.
"Ms. Corringham’s voice is bathed in soft, haunting echoes while Mr. Casserley adds eerie keyboard-like swirls or electronics. Ms. Corringham sounds like a disembodied spirit floating in the distance, softly stretching her voice as she bends notes with “ows” and other guttural sounds but no lyrics whatsoever. At times, I am reminded of Gilli Smythe (of Mother Gong) and her space whispers. Mr. Casserley does a great job of taking Ms. Corringham’s voice and manipulating it with loops, echoes and assorted electronic effects. The overall effect is most hypnotic, a seamless blend of human vocal sounds with sympathetic electronics. Not always a winning combination but well done here." - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery, New York
FMR Records

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Creative Sources Recordings - CS 389

Jeffrey Morgan and Lawrence Casserley

Recorded The Loft, Köln, 5 October, 2014 and Triple S Studio, Köln, 19 February, 2016. Mixed edited and mastered by Matthias Keul, Triple S Studio, Köln

6 Tracks - 60'27"

Cover design by Ute Wolfgramm

Released January, 2017

Jeffrey Morgan - Alto Saxophone, Piano, Alto Clarinet; Lawrence Casserley - Signal Processing Instrument

42 Draconis b, 55 Cancri b, gamma Cephei Ab, Kepler 186 f, epsilon Eridani b, 55 Cancri e

In "Exoplanets" the darkness is all around us; the darkness of deep space; the darkness of deep thought; the darkness of deep caverns. Is it all catastrophe and despair? No! Shafts of light pierce the darkness from time to time; hold on to them to guide you through eternity!

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Bead Records - SP 12

Philipp Wachsmann and Lawrence Casserley

Recorded Chiltern Cottage, 14 and 16 March, 3 April 2012

9 Tracks - 61'53"

Cover image from a painting by Judy Casserley

Released February, 2016

Philipp Wachsmann - Violin/Viola; Lawrence Casserley - Signal Processing Instrument, Percussion

Whirling Dervish 1; Golden Godwit; Wounded Cranes; Purple Plumed Plover; Garuda; Weeping Cranes; Maroon Meadowlark; Silver Shrike; Whirling Dervish 2

"It would be in vain to map or survey the aesthetic landscapes of these two musicians, or to stalk them or to track them down by attempting to describe their style; they are awake, and ask us as many questions as our imagination is capable of perceiving and admitting to. If one wanted to re-trace their intentions, one would be getting lost in a maze. So we forget our accounting and listen. Restlessness is unproductive - coming to a standstill is the best way to prevent stagnation. Intense simplicity rests inside extreme complexity. Seriousness is drained away and gives space to seemingly simple games aimed towards infinity. There is no solution for achieving continuity. Rather than a "work", it is a process - a construction site, an experience of the moment." From the notes by Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg translated by Bruno Guastalla.

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Scenes from a Trialogue

Amirani Records - AMRN045

Granularities - Gianni Mimmo, Martin Mayes and Lawrence Casserley

Recorded Chiltern Cottage, September 2010

9 Tracks - 62'57"

Released January, 2016

Gianni Mimmo - Soprano Saxophone; Martin Mayes - Valve Horn, Hand Horn, Aplhorn; Lawrence Casserley - Signal Processing Instrument, Percussion

A Foyer; Intimacy; Open Space; Another Foyer; Sacred Site - Procession; Sacred Site - Dark Ritual; Oh No, Not Another Foyer; Starting a Journey; Into Space

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Sculptures of Wires and Drifts

Hans-Karsten Raecke and Lawrence Casserley

Recorded Atelier-Klangwerkstat Mannheim, 25-26 October, 2011

14 Tracks - 68'14"

Released April, 2015

Hans-Karsten Raecke - Prepared Piano and Noise Utensils, Voice, Blow-Metal-Tin-Harp, Organ Pipes, Pipes-Pot and Gummiphone; Lawrence Casserley - Signal Processing Instrument

Singing Mist and Amorphous Skyline - Sculpture of Wire 1, 2 and 3 - Pursuit - Episodes-Memories (Cooking Pot-Stone's Throw, Finger-Strings-Stop, Twitter-Piano, Flute-Playings, Wrong March, Out of Step) - Cat and Mouse-Machines - Moorland with Cry - Drifts

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Crónicaster 110

Lawrence Casserley & Madamme Cell

Recorded Vyner Gallery, London - 30 November, 2013

One Track - 40'49"

Released July, 2014

"Lawrence began making electronic music in the all analogue world of the 1960s - for the last thirty years he has focused his work on live digital signal processing of sound, with a particular emphasis on improvised music, sound/light installations and collaborations with visual artists and poets.

"Nacho Muñoz (Madamme Cell) is a long-established composer of the Galician scene, who has developed into an improviser and experimental artist with several lines of research related to sound, public space and rural community development.

"Lawrence and Nacho met in the Vyner Gallery in London and created monsters ¿^_^?"

You can download it here

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Evan Parker Electroacoustic Ensemble - Hasselt

psi records - psi 12.03

Musicians: Peter Evans, Ishikawa Ko, Ned Rothenberg, Peter van Bergen, Evan Parker, Agusti Fernandez, Barry Guy, Paul Lytton, FURT (Richard Barrett and Paul Obermayer), Joel Ryan, Walter Prati, Lawrence Casserley, Marco Vecchi

Recorded Kunstcentrum Belgie Hasselt, Belgium, 21-22 May, 2010

Four Tracks - "Hasselt 1", "Hasselt 2", "Hasselt 3" and "Hasselt 4"

Cover Image from videos by Kjell Bjorgeengen

Released July, 2012

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Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg and Lawrence Casserley - MouthWind

Hermes Discorbie - HD CD 012


Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg - voice; Lawrence Casserley - signal processing instrument

Recorded Chiltern Hills, UK, May 2010

Eleven Tracks

Released February, 2011

"The end results have to be credited equally to both participants as, by turns, Casserley makes the singer sound like a wild beast roaring or snoring, a human in the throes of agony or ecstasy, a variety of cartoon characters, a deranged opera singer or a pod of dolphins communicating. True, many of those sounds are present in the singer's normal (untreated) repertoire, but here Casserley does not distort them; instead, he tweaks them to make them more themselves, a subtle but important difference. If electronics can dehumanize music in some contexts, the opposite is true here; the electronics serve to emphasize the all-too-apparent humanity of Van Schouwburg's voice."

"Altogether, Mouth Wind is notable for the way in which its two contrasting improvisers gel into a coherent unit, and the way in which voice and electronics blend and complement each other." John Eyles, All About Jazz.

"Listening as I write. Love it ! Coherent, tough, minimalist, great richness within a wilfully limited common language. Sole sound source, JMVS"s buccal cavity, which morphs into a multiform spatial field thanks to Lawrence Casserley"s brilliant double role, situated in a constantly shifting way between extension of the voice and antagonistic gestures. Without ever giving in to the temptation of unnecessary washes. Thus, the voice keeps its humanity, fragility and fascination as an organ of communication, while at the same time becoming a machine. What a redefinition of the idea of partnership! There is not yet a word for a formation that navigates between duo and augmented solo - even for that quality alone, this album already deserves the status of non-genre "classic"."

Steve Gibbs, classical and contemporay musics guitarist , musicologist, concert performer and improviser. Specialist of JF Bach, Haydn, Schönberg musics which he is transcribing for seven & eight strings guitar.

This album can also be obtained as a CD or download from here

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Sixty Interpretations of Sixty Seconds by Sixty Solo Improvisers

Association of Improvising Musicians Toronto - AP-04

David Sait produced this compilation of contributions by a wide selection of international improvisers

Compiling Process = Conceptualise - Ponder - Forage - Solicit - Remind - Gather - Assess - Digest - Wait - Regroup - Rethink - Remind - Assemble - Reflect - Share - Breathe

Released August, 2010

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Rainer Bürck, Martin Bürck and Lawrence Casserley - Crystalline Strata

Sargasso - SCD28061


Rainer Bürck - piano; Martin Bürck - percussion; Lawrence Casserley - signal processing instrument

Recorded Münsingen, Schwabia, May 2007.

Tracks consist of "Crystalline Materials", "Allotropy", "Latent Heat of Fusion", "Different Kinds of Snow", "Quartzite" and "Crystalline Synthesis".

Released November, 2009

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Evan Parker - SET for Lynn Margulis

psi records - psi 09.09


Evan Parker - saxophones; Barry Guy - double bass; Paul Lytton - tympani, percussion and live electronics; FURT: Richard Barrett and Paul Obermayer - electronics; Lawrence Casserley - signal processing instrument; Walter Prati - live processing; Marco Vecchi - sound projection

Recorded at the 2003 Donaueschinger Musiktage.

Tracks consist of "SET part I intro (studio)" "SET part 2 (concert)" and "SET part 3 (studio)".

Production Südwestrundfunk 2003

Released November, 2009

"Two five-minute studio cuts bookend a combative, colourful 40 minute set from the Donaueschingen festival, in a bright, punchy live recording that captures the details of the performance with spectacular precision. The title refers to evolutionary biologist Lynn Margulis's Serial Endosymbiosis Theory, though you don't need a degree in phylogenetics to appreciate the intellectual and emotional power of the music. Parker would no doubt concur with Barrett: 'I generally prefer to concentrate on what music is doing rather than how it was done.' In other words, trust your ears." Dan Warburton - The Wire No 312.

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Evan Parker Electroacoustic Ensemble - The Moment's Energy

ECM Records - ECM2066


Evan Parker - soprano saxophone; Peter Evans - trumpet, piccolo trumpet; Ko Ishikawa - shô; Ned Rothenburg - clarinet, bass clarinet, shakuhachi; Philipp Wachsmann - violin, live electronics; Paul Lytton - percussion, live electronics; Agustí Fernandez - piano, prepared piano; Barry Guy - double bass; Lawrence Casserley - signal processing instrument; Walter Prati - computer processing; Joel Ryan - sample and signal processing; Richard Barrett - live electronics; Paul Obermayer - live electronics; Marco Vecchi - sound projection

Recorded at the 2007 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, this line-up adds instrumentalists Peter Evans, Ned Rothenburg and Ko Ishikawa to the Ensemble, making it the largest version yet. Tracks consist of "The Moment's Energy I - VII" and "Incandescent Clouds".

Produced by Steve Lake

ECM Records, Postfach 600 331, 81203 München

Released June, 2009

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Lawrence Casserley, Adam Linson - Integument

psi records - psi 09.03

Musicians: Adam Linson - bass, live processing and sampling; Lawrence Casserley - signal processing instrument, voice

Tracks: stratum spongiosum, squamous epithelium, wandering leukocytes, basement membrane, cycloids, stratum compactum, chromatophores

Recorded Berlin, 13/14 May, 2007

Released April, 2009

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Lawrence Casserley, Jeffrey Morgan - Room 2 Room

Konnex KCD 5213

Musicians: Jeffrey Morgan - tenor and soprano saxophone; Lawrence Casserley - signal processing instrument

Tracks: Quaking Quacks, Martian Arts, Rhombic Rheums, Ayler Appears, Strange Roads, Lunar Lagoons, Questing Qualms

Recorded in Concert - 21 May, 2007, Kassel; 22 May, 2007, Köln

Special thanks to: John Rottiers, Radio Centraal, Antwerpen

Additional thanks: M Keul, H Scharfenberg, G Wissel, A Albert

Released January, 2009

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Matthew Adkins - [60]Project

emprientes DIGITALes - IMED 0898

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Musique Concrète Matthew Adkins invited sixty musicians first to contribute a sound each, and then to contribute a short passage based on any of the collected sounds. Finally Matthew wove the resulting material into a five "movement" suite of pieces:

Abstract/Ambient; Concrète/Instrumental; Concrète/Experimental; Sea Soundscape; Urban Soundscape; Ambient Instrumental; Noise Study; Extended Vocal

Released November, 2008

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Jonathan Harvey - Other Presences

Sargasso - SCD28057

This CD features Jonathan Harvey's composition for trumpeter Markus Stockhausen and his live processing setup.

Seven other musicians were provided with Markus's source material without hearing Jonathan's piece.

They were each invited to produce a "remix" based on these sounds. The tracks are: "Other Presences" - Jonathan Harvey; "Men Being Butterflies" - Kaffe Matthews; "Lost Wax" - Lawrence Casserley; "Wataru Jikan" - Gilbert Nouno; "Fractured Marble" - Evelyn Ficarra; "Lost Frontier" - Anna Harvey; "Present Otherness" - John Palmer.

Released September, 2008

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Lawrence Casserley, Simon Desorgher - Music from ColourDome

Psi Records - psi 07.01


Evan Parker - soprano saxophone; Philipp Wachsmann - violin; Simon Desorgher - flutes; David Stevens; computer processing; Lawrence Casserley - signal processing instrument.

Released May, 2007

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Evan Parker Electroacoustic Ensemble - The Eleventh Hour

ECM Records - ECM1924


Evan Parker - soprano saxophone, voice; Philipp Wachsmann - violin, live electronics; Paul Lytton - percussion, live electronics; Agustí Fernandez - piano, prepared piano; Adam Linson - double bass; Lawrence Casserley - signal processing instrument, percussion, voice; Walter Prati - computer processing; Joel Ryan - sample and signal processing; Richard Barrett - sampling keyboard, live electronics; Paul Obermayer - sampling keyboard, live electronics; Marco Vecchi - sound projection

The latest release from the EAE, recorded at the 2004 Free RadiCCAls Festival at CCA, Glasgow, adds Richard Barrett and Paul Obermayer to the line-up. There are two pieces, "Shadow Play", a quartet by Parker, Casserley, Ryan and Prati, and "The Eleventh Hour", in five parts, Parker's new piece for the Ensemble.

Produced by Steve Lake

ECM Records, Postfach 600 331, 81203 München

Released July, 2005

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Paul Rutherford, Robert Jarvis, Lawrence Casserley - Iskra3

psi records - psi 05.02

Tracks: Act 1 - Zenquahn, Ombuhl, Bodrivar, Falgoric; Act 2 - Brelfor, Felcrum, Mayilcra

Revolutionary improvised music for trombone and computers - "These playfully haunted pieces require as much time as you're prepared to give them, not because they're obscure and occluded, but because the sheer energy of Rutherford's playing and the reaction rate of live computer processors Lawrence Casserley and Robert Jarvis are so impressive you'll want regular action replays." Brian Morton - The Wire

Released May, 2005

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Evan Parker Electroacoustic Ensemble - Memory/Vision

ECM Records - ECM1852


Evan Parker - soprano and tenor saxophones, khene; Philipp Wachsmann - violin, viola, live electronics, sound processing; Barry Guy - double-bass; Paul Lytton - percussion, live electronics; Agustí Fernandez, piano; Lawrence Casserley - Signal Processing Instrument; Walter Prati - live electronics, sound processing; Joel Ryan, computer, sound processing; Marco Vecchi - live electronics, sound processing

Sounds of the future and echoes of Evan Parker’s creative past commingle in this extraordinary live recording that blurs the boundaries between free improvisation, contemporary composition and electronic music. “Memory/Vision” is the third album in the critically-acclaimed series that began with “Toward The Margins” and continued with “Drawn Inward”. Stunning playing and/or sound treatments by all members of this English/Italian/American/Spanish edition of the Electro-Acoustic Ensemble

Produced by Steve Lake

ECM Records, Postfach 600 331, 81203 München

Released October, 2003

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HyperYak - Angelic Weaponry

Sargasso SCD28048 

Tracks: Angelic Weaponry, Four Mountains, Hippogriff, Heaven's Wind, Installing Ley Lines.

Michael Ormiston - Voice, Morin Khuur, Flutes, Jaw Harps, Bowls, Shawm, Electronics
Jeff Higley - Tibetan Singing Bowls, Cymbal, Jaw Harps, Flutes, Voice
Simon Desorgher - Ethnic and Modern Flutes
Lawrence Casserley - Signal Processing Instrument, Percussion, Monoharps, Voice, Mozeño

"HyperYak, at a time when much improvisation has become calory conscious, are unafraid to create snorting, shaggy music with heavyweight ambitions." Clive Bell, The Wire 

 Sargasso, PO Box 10565, London N1 8SR

Released June, 2003

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Lawrence Casserley - The Edge of Chaos

Sargasso SCD28042

Tracks: Ragnarök (Parable 1), Grey Relief in Four Parts (Tàpies 1), "X", Infinit (Tàpies 2), "Y", Cardboard with Knotted Rope (Tàpies 3), Brown Gray and Red Relief/Everything and Nothing (Tàpies 4/Parable 2)

"Over the edge of everything you looked, deep in thought." - Peter Altenberg

"One of them erupted in a victorious clatter, unbeleivably harsh, with something of a gargle and of a whistle. From that moment things changed." - Borges, "Ragnarök

"Behind his face and his words, which were copious, fantastic and stormy, there was only a bit of coldness, a dream dreamt by no one." - Borges, "Everything and Nothing"

Sargasso, PO Box 10565, London N1 8SR

Released June, 2002

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Evan Parker, Barry Guy, Lawrence Casserley

Maya Recordings - MCD0101

Tracks: Frondescence, Dividuality, Aulos (duo EP & LC), Shifting, Scion (duo BG & LC), Zool (duo BG & LC), Spinney, Transmute, Calyx

Evan Parker, Soprano Saxophone; Barry Guy, Chamber Double Bass; Lawrence Casserley, Signal Processing Instrument.

"They have met many times before - Barry Guy and Evan Parker - two tributaries of this never-the-same-river-twice. But this time their confluence can send them in contrary directions: The moment that is now is confused with the moment that was then; details are waylaid in a shadowy cave. The interventions and extensions produced by Lawrence Casserley act like uprooted storm-blown trees casually thrown across the river. He is also the storm.

"A little of the rigorous clarity of the basic duo is sacrificed for a music which is smudged and realigned with details recovered from the process of its own making and strengthened by the stretch and stress of this intense knotting. The echo hunts the note, the shadow separates from its root.

"Its elusiveness is its energy" From the liner notes by Declan O'Driscoll

Maya Recordings, Griffinstown, Skeoughvosteen, Co Kilkenny, Ireland

Released July, 2001

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Lawrence Casserley - Labyrinths

Sargasso Records - SCD28030

Four pieces for acoustic instruments and computer instruments: 'Labyrinth', for Percussion, Voice, Flute and Computer; 'The Garden of Forking Paths', for Guitar and Computer; 'The Monk's Prayer', for Bass Flute and Computer; 'Vista Clara', for Piano and Computer

Performed by: Simon Desorgher, Flute and Bass Flute; Richard Durrant, Guitar; Carol Morgan, Piano; Lawrence Casserley, Live Computer Processing

Each of these sharply contrasted pieces is a study in matching the design of the computer sound processing instrument to the associated acoustic instrument and to the expressive requirements of the piece - in each case the instrument and the piece are one concept.

"There is always a natural cohesion between, say, a guitar and its electronic counterpart; one may be the transformation of the other, but the two sources are always one instrument. It is this unity that makes Casserley's performances so intriguing. In the hands of the wizard, electronics become powerful means of expressivity and lyricism taking the listener through labyrinths of sound." from the introduction by John Palmer

Sargasso, PO Box 10565, London N1 8SR

Released October, 1999

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Evan Parker Electroacoustic Ensemble - Drawn Inward

ECM Records - ECM1693


Evan Parker - soprano and tenor saxophones, khene; Philipp Wachsmann - violin, viola, live electronics, sound processing; Barry Guy - double-bass; Paul Lytton - percussion, live electronics; Lawrence Casserley - Signal Processing Instrument; Walter Prati - live electronics, sound processing; Marco Vecchi - live electronics, sound processing


The Crooner (for Johnny Hartman); Serpent in Sky; Travel in the Homeland; Spouting Bowl; Collect Calls [Milano-Kingston] [ Bugged]; aka Lotan; Reanascreena; At Home in the Universe (for Stuart Kauffmann); Writing on Ice; Phloy in the Frame; DrawnInward

Produced by Steve Lake

The booklet includes an in depth introduction by Simon Emmerson

"...a very engaging souvenir of master musicians at work...Drawn Inward is a very lovely release, and both the Evan Parker Electroacoustic Ensemble and ECM Records should be commended." Colby Lieder - Sonic Arts Network 'Diffusion'


ECM Records, Postfach 600 331, 81203 München

Released June, 1999

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Music of the Spheres - and other music by Simon Desorgher


Simon Desorgher - Flute, Bass Flute; Sally Mays - Piano; Lawrence Casserley - Computer Processing, Sound Projection


Music of the Spheres; Concert Studies 1 and 2; The Mature Person's Guide to the Flute; Trio; Improvisation for Bass Flute and Computer; PanDemonic for Giant PanPipes

"Improvisation" and "PanDemonic" composed by Lawrence Casserley and Simon Desorgher; all other pieces composed by Simon Desorgher.

This CD is mainly of music by my long-term collaborator Simon Desorgher, however two of the pieces are joint compositions, and two others feature me as a performer. In addition I devised the computer programs for "Music of the Spheres", "Improvisation" and "PanDemonic", while the design and construction of the giant panpipes was a collaboration between Simon and myself.

"Music of the Spheres" was composed to be played in the Giant Bubble (above). The sound of the flautist suspended in the centre is radioed to the shore, where the computer turns it into an orchestra of flutes. "Concert Studies" 1 and 2 are part of a series of six exploring extended techniques for solo flute. The Mature Person's Guide to the Flute is a set of contemporary variations on the well-known Purcell tune, for flute and piano. Trio for flute and tape combines extended flute techniques with electronic and concrete sounds. "Improvisation" uses my Signal Processing Instrument with Simon on Bass Flute. "PanDemonic" is our show-piece for the giant panpipes with extensive computer processing.

Available from: Simon Desorgher, 30 Penwortham Road, Sanderstead, Surrey CR2 0QS - or from Sargasso Records

Released March, 1999

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Various Musicians vs. Disinformation


Ash International {R.I.P.} Ash 4.3


Seven different artists respond to the Disinformation CDs 'R&D1' (Ash2.9) and 'R&D2' (Ash 9.2)


London's Overthrow - Evan Parker

Pandemonium - Tactile

Booming Bass - Jim O'Rourke

Parabolas - Simon Fisher Turner

Raxor - Mechos

´K`h´mkߣ#ñ¹ - Lawrence Casserley

Synaptic Radio - T:un[k] Systems

"the science of restoring what is missing and of equating like with like"

"the surgical treatment of fractures"

"the bringing together of elements"

"the part of mathematics which investigates relations and properties of structures

by means of general symbols"

Released March, 1999

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Live at "Les Instants Chavirés"

Evan Parker with Noel Akchoté, Lawrence Casserley and Joel Ryan

LEO Records - LR255

Recorded in concert December 20, 1997 at "Les Instants Chavirés", Montreuil, France. Recording Engineer and Line Producer Jean-Marc Foussat. Produced by Evan Parker and Leo Feigin.

Instant 1 (E/J); Instant 2 (N/L); Instant 3 (E/J/L);

Instant 4 (N/J/L); Instant 5 (N/J); Instant 6 (E/N/J/L)

"It is of course fundamental to the music making process in these improvisations that there is a real time communication between the players in which it becomes impossible to analyse events in terms of simple input and output relationships. The output from one moment can become the input for the next moment and several layers of such loops may be superimposed. In social terms this is true of all free group improvisation but here the mechanisms of signal processing put these "feedback loops" (in the classical cybernetic sense of the term) at the core of the process. The individuals are encouraged towards mutual dependency by their collectively chosen music making means." Evan Parker, liner notes

"This is the next frontier for spontaneous music ensembles. Out of many squabbling voices one beautiful, contemporary noise; out of chaos, clarity." Gil Gershman, Motion.

Released March, 1998

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Work in progress

FMR sampler 3 (from Avant magazine). One track with Evan Parker.


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Solar Wind

Touch TO:35

Evan Parker - Soprano Saxophone; Lawrence Casserley - Signal Processing Instrument

"He walked into the shreds of flame. But they did not bite into his flesh, they caressed him and engulfed him without heat or combustion. With relief, with humiliation, with terror, he understood that he too was a mere appearance, dreamt by another." (Borges - The Circular Ruins)

Pachacamac; Epicycles; Coyolxauhqui;

The Central Region (for Michael Snow); Tlaloc; Solar Wind

"One of the most astonishing electroacoustic records this year" Testcard

"...sculptured slithers of shimmering unstable filtered tones...the gritty dirt of chaos...gated turbulence engulfed by searing long tones...key clicking foregrounds with power and drips in a sea of bright white sound...It's an awesome CD." Jim Denley, Resonance

Released October, 1997

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Music of Melvyn Poore

Random Acoustics RA005

Lawrence appears on a couple of tracks on this CD, and was also responsible for some of the recordings.

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